Sleep Apnea Services

At Moama Village Sleep Services, we provide a comprehensive service including

  • Overnight sleep testing

  • Machine service and returns

  • Sleep Apnea machine trials

  • Full range of sleep apnea devices including Resmed, Philips, Fisher

  • Mask's & consumables

Our full range of sleep and CPAP devices are available online - CLICK HERE

For more information phone 03 5480 9555 or CLICK HERE to book your appointment

If you have a current CPAP or sleep study appointment and would like more information, please CLICK HERE

Our referral forms (for your doctor to complete and sign) can be found CLICK HERE


Webster Medication Packing

Meninya Street Pharmacy specialises in medication management. Our state of the art medication dispensing robot reduces the risk of error.

Webster packs take the stress out of managing your medicines by taking the medicines out of the home and are packed and delivered to patients weekly.

Our first-month packing fees are FREE, phone 03 5480 6667 for more information. 


Our pharmacist vaccinators Mark Nulty, Jill Hamit and Clint Flanigan are available to provide

  • Influenza (The 'Flu'

  • Measles/Mumps/Rubella

  • Pertussis (Whooping cough)

Please phone 03 5480 9555 or CLICK HERE to book your appointment

Asthma Education

Did you know, up to 90% of adults incorrectly manage their Asthma and inhaler use? And 1 in 9 Australians now has Asthma!

Our Asthma educator, Sherri Barden can discuss

  • Inhaler technique

  • Asthma plans

  • Triggers

  • Managing exercise

  • Asthma plans

  • And more...

For more information or appointments phone 03 5480 9555 or CLICK HERE

Medication Management Services

At Moama Village Pharmacy we are pleased to offer both the Medscheck and Home Medication Visit services. Both of these services are aimed at improving your understanding and management of your medication. 


This free service provides a 30-minute consultation with one of our pharmacists to discuss your medication, including

  • Its use and what they are for

  • Optimal dosing times

  • Side effects

This service provides a full-colour medication list for your reference. For more information or to book phone 03 5480 9555 or CLICK HERE


At Moama Village Pharmacy, our pharmacist Clint Flanigan is also a credentialed Diabetes Educator. 

This service is fully bulk billed and can be booked on 03 5480 9555 or CLICK HERE

Moama Village and Meninya Street Pharmacies are registered NDSS sub-agents with diabetes supplies available including strips, needles, monitors and lancets.


Home Medication Visit

We offer the home medicine review service, a free service comprising a visit to your home by a pharmacist to discuss your medications including 

  • Medication uses

  • Side effects

  • Expected duration of use

  • Side effects

  • Interactions with other medication & vitamins

  • Generic medications.

This service is provided free of charge however does require a doctors referral. For more information phone 03 5480 9555 or CLICK HERE to book.

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